söndag 27 januari 2008

Weekend, rain, "hurricane"

As pretty much every Saturday, first I went to the gym to do some sports. Normally different courses start quite late so I usually go on those stepping/climbing machines. It felt good. Then biking home (which due to the wind made me more tried than excercising earlier), breakfast with Filip and then going downtown. It was awfully grey outside but I was sure that it wouldn't rain today. Yeah, right! As soon as we got out of the apartment it started raining and together with the damn strong wind the combination sucked. Anyway, we went to Schanze (the shops are cool, little bit odd and not as mainstream as downtown). Then Handan joined as, we had coffee and decided to go to the center to look for some skis, skiing clothes and ... other stuff. We were hungry but because we decided to eat in a Mongolian restaurant in the evening, we didn't want to spoil our apetites. It was crazy! Anyway, we all managed to buy something (shoes!!!) which felt good. Before heading to the restaurant we managed to got wet again. It took us a while to find the place (Mongo's in Eppendorf) but when we ordered the food everything was perfect!!!! The concept over there is great - you pick either one meal or all you can eat, then you go and put into a bowl whatever you want: lots of fresh and great vegetables, different kind of meats (incl. Kangooro, crocodile, etc.) and fish and seafood. Afterwards you left that bowl in the kitchen and they woked it for you. Oh yeah - before picking the food, you tell a waiter what kind of marinade you would like. There are 7-8 different kinds, and they add them while woking. This was delicious!!! Next time any of you come here, we will go there!!! Mums! Yummi! Mniam!
After eating it was so hard to start walking again. We went to a rental DVD place, after 30 min we finally chose "The Bourne Ultimatum" and we watched it at Handan's place. Before actually watching the movie, I got a cup of tea from Handan, and while trying to grab it I managed to put my hand inside the mug, so I burned myself and spilled the tea all over. Great job! Today the hand is little bit red and hurts a little but hope it will be good.
Then Filip and I went home and guess what...? It was damn windy and rained like hell..... We both came into conclusion that this part of Europe is not for us....
Enjoy your day!

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