måndag 30 juni 2008

Finally over...

...EM I mean. Football's mania. Punkt slut. I can only tell you that I was reaaaaaaallly glad that Spain won. The Germans were just too convinced they would win.... Already the game against Turkey was so so, and I was hoping that Turkey and Russia would meet in the final (European Championship, huh?). But OK, Spain won, they played better That's it.
We were 15 people watching the game at Handan's place; kind of equally divided into those cheering for Spain and those cheering for Germany (yeah well we had those as well ;-)
Anyway, we were probably the only ones screaming when Spain won. Handan is probably hated by her neighbors now ;-)
Here are some pictures of the gang (from the right: Johan and below Jenny - a Swedish couple; Roseline - Sweden; her French colleague; Sveta (Guillem's wife); Sandra (German); Guillem and Alex).

Here you can also see (from the left): Miguel (Mex) and Hans (Austria).

On Saturday evening we went to some friends' birthday party. There were 80 people!!!! The party was perfectly organized (Germans...). And it was very nice. We were out in the garden the whole evening. Well almost the whole one. Afterwards Alex was supposed to be a DJ with some funk music and the music was great, just not for dancing. So Monica (from Barcelona) who wanted to have some salsa wasn't so happy ;-) Anyway, at the end we managed to find somewhere Shakira, Gypsy Kings so people could dance. The trip back took over 1 hr. God we were tired!!! At 03.30 at home - it was getting light...
Sunday was little bit hard but a nap in the afternoon helped.
Now the new week has started. Alex left for Romania today and will be back in 2 weeks more less. Next week I'll start preparing a bit for moving. At least start packing a little... Hope we can manage to move before Magda's wedding.
All of you who read this - have a good week!

söndag 22 juni 2008

Vacations and Midsummer in Denmark

Wow...it's been ages I wrote anyting here...Sorry sorry sorry!
But I have good reasons I guess. I was away for 1 week on holidays at Mallorca and then Alex and I went over to Filip's to Denmark.
But from the beginning - I went with my cousin Magda to Mallorca over 1 week ago. Alex gave me a ride to Berlin Tegel and then I met Megi and we flew in the evening. Of course a little bit of delays, arrived to Palma and then over 1 hr in a mini bus to Cala d' Or. We were staying in some hotel apartments, really close to the beach. But we were really surprised when we woke up on Saturday morning cause it was a bit cold and super cloudy! WHAT?!?! Anyway we went to te beach and waited for some sun. It appeared in the afternoon. But we didn't swim the first day cause it was too cold.
The next days we spent pretty much sun bathing, swimming, reading books, and deciding which UV sun block to use ;-)

And of course watching football games in the nearby pub in the evenings. The pub owner was surprised when he was asking each evening which team we cheered for. Max. confusion I guess: once Sweden, once Poland, once Romania and Holland. Hahahah.
Anyway, time passed by fast and we were soon back to Berlin again. Milka and Sebastian came to pick up Magda from the airport so we had coffee together and later on I took train to HH.
On Friday I went to work for half a day and then Alex picked me up and we drove to Denmark.
Filip lives now in Ringköbing on the West coast. Close to the surfing, sailing and wake boarding paradise.
Oh yeah! And it is aparently the happiest town in the world!!! (according to whichever source....and ok, there are 17000 people living there). I really wonder which are these indicators... ;-)
On Friday we had dinner together with all his corridor roomates. Some drinks in the evening - despite all it was Swedish Midsummer on Friday!
On Saturday we went to the beach so the guys could try wake boarding (on a cable). Kind of ski lift principle. I didn't try cause it felt way to cold just looking at them.

Then we went to the nearby town and to the beach. They also have some Sand sculpture festival now so you can see some of the pictures.

måndag 2 juni 2008

Global warming effects

Thanks to that we have summer and +30 every day. I like when it is sunny and warm but those temperatures and sun everyday for almost 2 months now is a bit too much...I know, global warming is not the only contribution but I think we all should do something to be more environmental friendly and care more.
I was in Göteborg last weekend. Went on Friday morning, had some meetings at our company in Vårgårda, then got a haircut in Götet (somehow I think it is too short). Then I went to Tania's place, had some rosé wine (Tania - Peñascal is SPANISH!!! - trust me!!! I drank this wine a lot when I was in Luleå, dating a Spanish guy!!!). By the way, I think the price in Spain is around 3euro/bottle). Then we went to Hammarkullen - every year there is a carnival - lots of people from all over the world who live in this area, lots of exotic food, and music. We went though to see a very Swedish guy - Jens Lekman. The concert wasn't probably the best of his life but we had fun. Later on we went downtown, met Dan and had some food and drinks. We also decided to go to the coast Saturday morning, with picnic, coffee and kanelbullar (ok it was some pistage cake - yummi as well!). And guess what?? People were already swimming in the sea!! So did Tania and Dan (I forgot my bikini!!! Grrrr....). They claimed the water was warm.
After geting roasted in the sun (of course with protective creams UV 10 at least) we went home and decided to have BBQ at Dan's place in the evening. Tok-Jörgen with family came as well. And Fredrik joined us later on. The meat, sallad and potatoes were great!! And it was good Tania and I walked back to her place. I needed it after the grill.
Sunday was as usual too short. And I had to take the earlier flight :-(
I met Dan and Magnus at Röda Sten, we had coffee and cake, chatted a bit and then I had to leave.
But I was lucky with no flight delays, and also met Cyril (the French friend from Hamburg) at Kastrup so it was fun to go back to HH together. Alex picked us up so we were at home quite fast.
The temperature in the apartment was +27. In the evening... no comments.
New week has started. Have a good one everybody!
Oh yeah - I made it possible to write comments now. So - there you go! Be my guest!