tisdag 29 april 2008

Year's first BBQ

On Sunday we had summer weather in HH. Already some weeks ago we decided that we would make BBQ this day and almost everybody showed up (we missed Dennis - it was his b.day by the way, and Cyril...
Migue's grill beats all grills I know. It is HUGE! And American! ;-)
Thanks to that we could grill a lot at the same time. Of course we didn't lack beer and good moods :-)
Check out the "orange" amigo-team at the grill:

After eating we decided to play a kind of American football. Well....kind of...we were tough and the game was a little bit dangerous ;-)
We had a lot of food (as usual) left and at one point one guy who was sitting a bit from us, came to us and said he would like to buy some food from us, since it smells so good over here.. We just wanted to give him food but he didn't give up and gave us money. Well...we decided that we can manage to have a job in case we may get fired ;-) On the picture you can see how the "business" was running:

torsdag 24 april 2008

Berlin trip, finally spring!

It's been a while since I wrote anything. Last weekend we had an ex-trainee meeting in Berlin.
We were 5 going from Hamburg by car. The trip took over 3 hours (ok, we missed one ausfahrt already close to HH but afterwards it went quite smoothly).
When we arrived Ales and Axel were already at the hotel. We went out for a dinner (a nice restaurant which had Ubahn over the restaurant's roof).
Then Handan and I went back to the hotel, while the guys partied until 5 AM!
Saturday was a sight-seeing day; after breakfast (oh well...almost lunch) we took a boat tour on the river. It was nice, we saw many highlights of Berlin. Later on we had lunch in a restaurant which had many pictures of German history.

We went to New Synagogue, Brandenburger Tor, see the remains of the Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, a museum at Checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin is amazing - during the last years so many new, mainly glass buildings have popped out...
Mixed with the old architecture it is cool. Also, totally different feeling than in HH; the streets are so wide and there is lots of space somehow. I have to go back one day to see more....

On Sunday we have got some sun and little bit of spring feeling.We went to Kreuzberg which is a multicultural district, had a fika, and later on met also Kico (Kristin's boyfriend) who was in Berlin with his art school. So good to see him again!!!

Sunday evening it got warm and nice. And now during the week it felt finally like we got spring!!!! Alex helped to change my car to summer tyres so that's officially spring! ;-)
Looking forward a nice weekend; there will be one birthday party and grill with multi-culti bunch on Sunday.

måndag 14 april 2008

If you thought that finding one parking spot is hard...

... try to find two of them ;-)
Last week Alex came here by car. After some adventures on the road (like 4,5 hr stuck in stau or snow storm close to Hannover) he got here around 23.30. And then it took him "just" 35 min to find a parking spot fot the car. This is insane!!
Anyway, now it is not only a challenge to park my Bubbla but also Alex's Golf.
On Friday we went with Pedro and Paula and Txell and Thomas to one club with funk, soul, etc. The party was fun! Until some drunk Brittish guys started loosing balance and were spilling their vodka&red bull all over...
Then on Saturday we were sitting outside in the sun, having fika with Guillem and little Nadia. Soooo nice!! In the evening there was an IKEA trip and then we were exhausted....
Sunday - meeting Monica and also Guillem (that was unplanned). Eimsbuttel is a really small place ;-)
In the evening we saw W. Anderson "Darjeeling Limited" - I recommend this one!!!

The week has started. Rain again. Crap!
The weekend is gonna be in Berlin. Alex will party with the guys here in HH.

Oh yeah. This picture shows how "fresh" Handan, Cyril and I are in the mornings before driving to work.

söndag 6 april 2008

April weather

Does any of you think that we will get any spring this year??? I had good hopes last weekend but then it was really cold, snowing, raining, hail for the whole week...Today we had some sun, mostly in the evening. Oh well, hopefully it will get better soon and I can finally put my jacket, boots and gloves into closets. The weekend passed by really fast (as usual). Yesterday Monica, Handan and I went to Guillem's & Sveta's place to celebrate their daughter's 1 year. We had fika with some chocolate cake. It was the 1st time I've been to their place (after almost 1 year...no comment ;-). Then Handan and I went downtown; I finally found some curtains to the living room but I'm too short to reach to the metal string to take down the present "curtain". So now I have one new and one old. Very unique ;-)
We wanted to go to the movie theater but guess what??? One of the two movie theaters that show the original (e.g. English) speaking movies, got closed!!! This is insane!!! So now there is only one place and they don't have any good movies now..Grrr!! Why cannot Germans show the movies in the original language?!?! I wonder if they ever quit dubbing...
On Sunday I cleaned the apartment, then met Miguel and some friends for fika/lunch. Miguel wanted to see F1. Kubica got the 3rd place! (not that I'm into Formula 1...).
Then I did some gymnastics for my back and the day is almost gone...I'm not looking forward to have Monday :-( But the good thing is that Alex is coming on Tuesday!
Have a good week everybody!