söndag 13 januari 2008

Still Romania...

Time spent in Brasov was great. The nature around is just beautiful, with the mountains and forests around. My trainee friend Kristin was also working in our plant there and every weekend we tried to visit the towns and areas close to Brasov. We shared a company's Dacia Logan (some people wouldn't call it a car but I liked it...in a way....). The car is somehow elevated which was perfect for the Romanian roads full of holes. To the right you can see the car and also my friend Dan who came together with Magnus to visit me in May.

Brasov is in Transilvania - some of you may associate it with Dracula. Not bad. Close to Brasov there is a village called Bran, with a nice castle, which some people connect with Dracula. Honestly speaking - me too. Until I got there... The castle may look quite mystical and "scary" but when you visit it, there is NO word about Dracula. So disappointing!! But the market below the castle sells a LOT of kitch connected to Dracula: mugs, dishes, clothes, toys, you name it.

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