onsdag 16 januari 2008

Almost at present

After Romania were vacations. Very nice, however little bit hectic as well. I came back to Gothenburg, afterwards went for Aga's wedding to Poland, then one week holidays with my cousin Magda. Back to Gdynia, repacking and back to Gothenburg.
After 10 days or so - repacking again and starting another adventure - going to work to Hamburg (this time a real job - and 2 year's long contract here).
The first 5 weeks I lived in the hotel in Elmshorn (the "favorite" one ;-) Anyway Bernd beats all the records - he is a VIP over there. Always the same room, everybody knows his name and what tea he drinks for breakfast. Respect! ;-)
It was good to have Handan and Bernd and also Nikola staying there at the same time. Days were pretty much just work, going back to the hotel, training in the gym, beer or apfelschorle. But we also did some nice trips like to St. Peter Ording and Sylt (see pics).
Handan and I went also to Norah Jones' concert in HH. Nice!!!

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