lördag 19 januari 2008


The rest of the fall was also quite warm and nice. Alex had holidays in October so he came over to HH for about 2 weeks. It was cool! We went to the Western part of Germany and also to Holland to visit his "relatives". We did some turism, saw the gallery and exhibition of Ton Schulten in Ootmarsum (really nice and colorful paintings). We stayed and Kuert's and Barbara's place - great and so friendly Dutch people. It was really nice to get to meet them.
What else happened in October was that I took my Polish citizen-responsibility and voted in the Parliament elections. I just felt I had to. It was good that Alex had his car - cause the Polish consulate in HH is really off in some industrial area. So we went there and I voted and he could get a little bit of feeling about Polish people and chaos at the consulate. Which didn't really differ from Romania ;-)
One big milestone this fall was also my purchase of a CAR!! The first one in my life!!! I saw it at a second-hand dealer near my place and decided to buy it. A cute, Dacia blue, New Beetle (well 5 years old....). I'm so proud of myself! ;-)

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