söndag 24 oktober 2010

Weekend in Gdynia

This weekend I'm at my parents' place in Gdynia. Came on Fri evening and actually staying until Monday. Magda with her boys came as well so it was a full house those 2 days :) Nice! We had a really good time together, nice dinner with family, walk at the waterfront in Gdynia. Max is such a cute little boy!
Here with his mom:

Family at the beach:

Tomorrow - another massage session. I've got to fix my back. And flight back to HH in the afternoon. Of course the trip is like a big project but cheap flights - what to do...

söndag 17 oktober 2010

In the middle of fall

Forgot to say last time - Robyn's concert last Sunday was soooooo great!!! She is so cool and talented and a great performer! We had so much fun! Of course not so many Germans were dancing but we did a lot. Met also a very interesting man around 70 year old who goes often to different concerts. Amazing!
This weekend was also nice, with sun but not such high temperatures. Fall is here. We spent time with friends, had dinner (again) i L'Orient (a lebanese restaurant nearby) - which was as ususally nice. Then Handan, Hamid, Alex and me went to our gym for a party. I know...a strange concept to have club in a fitness place but we just went to experience it once. Nothing special, a lot of Untz Untz Untz music; on one floor with "black music" is started OK but then turned to too much salsa and so on. Cool but not for such a long time! Especially when there are 3 couples dancing!!!!
Today we met again with some friends for fika. Nice, relaxing and fun.
Usch Monday tomorrow. Not looking forward. Next weekend - a family weekend in Poland. Alex will be off to Romania.

söndag 3 oktober 2010


October is here. What happened to September?! ;)
In the week I had to do my car's service. So the mechanic guy showed me what has to be replaced and fixed: shock absorbers (they broke when he wanted to change them!), brake pads and discs were the major highlights. I assumed the price would be around 600EUR. It ended up at a bit over 1000EUR!!!!!! OMG!! So freaking expensive!!! So now I seriously consider getting rid of the car...OK, I didn't have to give it to VW/Skoda workshop but generally it is super expensive to own a car.

Weekend is almost over. Why?????
Today we went hiking in Harburger Berge. At least some nice nature and a bit of a hill :)
I expected more wild trails but we tried to go off from the main hiking "roads" or riding paths. It felt so good to have my hiking boots again!
It smelled mushrooms in the woods but we didn't find any good ones...

This week there will be some action at work, also a trip to France. And next weekend we will go to Robyn's concert on Sunday! Yuppi!!