lördag 12 januari 2008

The beginning

I've intended to have a blog since last year when the big adventure began. Namely, I went to work to Brasov, Romania for 6 months. Perfect opportunity to have a blog! But... I couldn't get access to internet at home (min. time for the contract was 1 year and if shorter than you would need an attorney who would have to help you to cancel the contract. Complicated!). And I was too lazy to go often to an internet café. So I wrote emails instead.
It is actually exactly one year since I started working in Brasov (for my Swedish employer) so I'm gonna put some stories and pictures from this adventure as well.
Right now I work and live in Hamburg. There is definitely less going on than in Romania (also less "exotic") but still worth giving you some updates.
So, there you go - I'm starting this blog and you are so welcome to read it and hope you will enjoy it!

What was also hard was to choose the language to write in. First I thought of Swedish but there is my family in Poland and friends all over the world who don't speak Swedish. That's why it is English - we are global, huh?


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