måndag 18 januari 2010

Weekend in Budapest

I went to visit Alex in Budapest this weekend. Since he is going to be there for a while I better get used to some travels to the land of "Bratanki" (Polish expression - somehow Poles and Hungarians are supposed to be buddies).
Anyway, the first impression of the city - airport's location sucks! ;-) It is placed in a valley which apparently often has a bad weather. So was the case on Fri evening - we couldn't land due to a heavy fog (we were cruising above the city for 1,5hr - around 10-111PM!!!). There was already a risk that we would have to land in another city which I just didn't want to hear about!!
Anyway we got to Alex' place around 1AM...Oh well. The house he lives in is nice in a very quiet and cosy area.
Saturday - we did some sightseeing in the city, had fika, returned Alex' rental car etc.
Actually I didn't have any tight agenda when it comes to MUST see. Since there is going to be more times over there...
I like the bridges in that city! Actually it is a nice city, with old and great architecture. The Parliament building is very nice, especially with the lights in the evening.

In the evening we met with Alex' colleague and had dinner together in a local restaurant. Nice. Except maybe the fact that all restaurants and public places smell a bit like eternal "frying action". Really!

Sunday, after sleeping in, we went for brunch. And since it was in a huge mall, we decided to go to the movie theater to see anything which wasn't dubbed ;-) And we saw a great movie called The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Really nice!!

That's how the weekend passed. I was leaving really early this morning and we had "only" 1hr delay. Due to only one de-icing machine at the airport.
We will see how the next trips will be.

söndag 3 januari 2010

Christmas and New Year

Happy New Year to all of you!!! All the best!
2 weeks passed too fast!!! But it was a great holidays. First Xmas in Poland. We left HH with -11C, arrived to Gdynia and it was -14 and a lot of snow!!!

Then it melted when we went over to my grandmom's place... Xmas was nice. We saw Megi's little boy Maks. So cute! A lot of good food (too much!) and fun.
We left back to HH on the 27th Dec. Arrived home, had some burritos for dinner (no food at home) and on the 28th we left to Txell and Thomas to Barcelona.
What a change! After winter in the North we had pretty much +20C and sun everyday. Sooooo great!!!
We met with Monica on the 2nd day and had dinner in Mataro.

Txell was working until the 30th so we went with Thomas to BCN. There were many tourists all over but it wasn't sooo crowded.
We walked along La Ramblas, had some tapas, went to the beach and enjoyed the surroundings.

On the 31st the weather was still beautiful. But we spent most of the time in the kitchen cause we had to prepare some food for the party at night. Thomas and Alex made also some soup so we had nice dinner on the 1st Jan. I prepared two pies.
We left around 9pm to Txell's friends' place in BCN. The party was with her friends from the University. We had a lot of fun, dancing, talking, eating great food, eating grapes (Spanish tradition for the last seconds before midnight), etc. We were supposed to go to some disco around 02am but at the end we stayed until 04 at the party and then left to Mataro.
Here are the two handsome guys at the party ;-)

We got up at 13.30 on the 1st Jan. Well, we went to bed at 05 so it is not so bad...
After "breakfast" we took a walk to the beach in Mataro. Soooooo beautiful!!!
The weather was great and the air was fresh. The beach looks so nice.

Then in the evening we ate the soup that Thomas and Alex made, and later on we watched a movie. The day was short but very nice.

We got up early on our last day, packed and left to Barcelona. First Parc Guell and then lunch close to the harbor in BCN. Lunch was a menu with paella as a main dish. We ate so much that we were still full at 10 pm when we landed in HH.

Now the first day of work this year is waiting. Hope this year will be great, full of challenges and great moments. Wish the same to all of you!