söndag 20 januari 2008

Christmas and New Year

I flew from Hamburg to Gdansk with WizzAir (Filip wished me good luck after his awful adventures with these airlines in Bucharest) but the only problem I had was a delay of 1.5 hour - not so bad. Even if it is only Lubeck airport...
My dad and Filip picked me up. Ooops! Sorry - M.Sc. Filip! He defended his thesis the same day so he was ready to party. Anyway the day after we had a visit of my cousin Iwona with her Mexican husband Miguel and sweet boy Jasiu. It was so cool to see them (I haven't seen Jasiu earlier so it was high time we met). Some hours after they left her sister Gosia with her family came over. Gosia's and Jarek's boys are so big!!!! Anyway, it was fun to see them again! We decided we need to go out next time I'm in Gdynia (which everybody hopes it will happen still this year ;-)

The day after we went to my grandmom's for Xmas. My dad wanted us to take a brand new higway from Gdansk which just got opened. The whole 25 km!!! WOW!!!! But we thought it was worth trying, checked the watches and were prepared to have a shorter trip to my grandmom's than usual. Well..... all went fine until we were 30 km from their place. My dad's 2 year old VW Passat suddenly died, half a meter after passing a railway track!!! Puh! we had no clue what had happened and of course the car didn't want to start....So after about 1 hour of making phone calls, checking the insurance, arguing etc one guy came with the towing truck (crane or however you call it). We called Magda and she came with her moher's monster pick-up to pick us up (that's why the pick-up! ;-) kidding...). It was a good idea to take this car since we had LOTS of luggage plus Filip's skiing equipment. Anyway, the whole car problem got solved after 2 days cause the spare part - some gasoline pump had to come by train from Gdynia (expensive but the car is working). Dad - I told you - buy a Volvo! ;-)

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