torsdag 28 maj 2009

I love May!!

Why? Cause there are so many days off! ;-) Last weekend we had 4 days off and I went to Göteborg already on Wed noon. OK, first I went to visit my homeplant in Vårgårda and eventually I was in GBG around 6 PM but still...
It was really nice to spend so many days over there. I managed to meet all friends, walk around the city and just enjoy it.
Quite lucky with the weather as well. It only rained a bit twice!
On Thu I went with Tania and Petra to Botaniska (together with many other people) - beautiful to see all trees, bushes and flowers blooming!
Here a Mummin from flowers for you:

After the walk, Tania and I decided to make a dinner with dessert - she made a rhubarb (?) pie. Yummi!!!!! However, visually it wasn't really like it should be:

In the evening we went to the movies and saw a French movie made in the West coast in Sweden!!! The movie wasn't soooo great but the pictures and landscape definitely!

Friday I managed to have fika with Calle, then some shopping and then dinner with Dan and Leif. Nice! On Saturday I also managed to meet Jenny and later on we had grill at Dan's place. Good to be with friends!!

This weekend is again a long one - Monday is off!!! Miguel came from Mexico due to some issues at work and it is great to have him here. Hopefully there will be some going-out activity during the weekend. Looking forward!

söndag 17 maj 2009

I don't get it...

I was never a "schlager" person. Eurovision Song Contest is not my thing either. But don't get me wrong, I saw some of them loooong time ago. So after some years break I figured out why not watching it this year. So Handan and Alex and I got pizza, had some wine and grapes and sat in front of Handan's big plasma tv :-) So the thing started. Wow! A hysterical presenters (was he American or just had the accent???) were just the beginning. I've never heard the Swedish contribution and the song was ok but somehow didn't feel like a song for ESC...Anyway, the songs were either depressing and super serious or totally crazy with disco-kitch-"glitter"-hysteri touch.
So we started to have some favorites - mostly the performers who had some oriental (or national) influences. Portugal was cool, Armenia, Azerbaijan (ok he lives in Sve right?), Turkey, but I must say even the song (maybe not the people on the stage) from Germany was good. So we had our favorites and got surprised whe when we heard all the votes. OK, we didn't get so shocked by countries giving votes to their neighbors (sooooo typical ESC procedure!!!!) but still Norway??? Was it so good and catchy??? Well, the song was nice and ok but I don't really get why it won...
Oh well.
I saw this year's ESC. It won't be again next year ;-)

Now rainy Sunday in HH. Usch! Need to get those rubber boots I've been planning to buy for the past 5 years or so...

måndag 4 maj 2009

Valborg - 1st May weekend

Oooohhh! It was so great to have a long weekend!!!
We started on Thursday evening with a dinner at Sandra's & Hans'. Sandra made so-called Käsespätzle - kind of pasta with tons of cheese and salad with pumpkin oil. We had some wine and later on we played Uno for a few hours. Girls against boys. And we won!!! :-) Hahaha it was fun to see Alex and Hans angry!

On Friday Alex and I went to Laboe - close to Kiel. A kind of summer spot at the coast. Very nice actually! There were so many people sunbathing, eating ice cream, fish sandwiches (I had one - mums!), etc.
Alex made a "tribute" to Russians in Egypt - dawaj krakadil! ;-)

Friday evening we met with Johan and Jenny (and little Amanda) and Dennis & Aga in Othmarsen. We had dinner at Block House - sitting outside since it was so nice and warm. Later on we got tiramisu at another restaurant and went to J&J place for some tea.

Saturday was kind of like every other Saturday.. gym, a bit of cleaning, then some grocery shopping. There was Osterstrasse fest this weekend with the kitch selling, live music, beer gardens, sausage, crepes, lotteries, etc etc. We met again Jenny and Johan and walked around. Then Guillem joined us with Nadia (they are back after 3 months spening in Barcelona!!). It was great to see him again!!

Then in the evening Alex went with Guillem to watch Barca game and I stayed at home and watched a dvd.

Sunday was rainy!!!! :-( (good for nature ;-) ).
We went for coffee and then biked to see Edgar Degas' exhibition at the Art Museum in HH. It was very nice, especially all the ballerinas sketches and paintings.
Now I'm inspired again for painting. But I guess it will take some time for me to do the "kick-off" ;-)