torsdag 17 januari 2008

September - a good month to visit Hamburg

September was fun! The weather was amazing!!! It was still summer and sunny and warm. It is a good month to visit. The first person who came for almost 1 month to Hamburg was Ales (who got training at his mother company in HH). There was not so much time to party during the week but Ales, Handan and I spent some time together during the weekends. Then came Alex as well, who had some scheduled meetings here. We celebrated Alex's birthday together with Ales and Handan. We went to Vapiano (Italian chain restaurant - with nice atmosphere, good food and a very good wine). We started with one bottle and at the end each one ordered a new one. 4 bottles for 4 people. Not so bad, huh? ;-)
And when we were leaving one (old) guy wanted to start a fight with Ales. For no reason... It was funny cause this guy was not only quite old but quite short as well, and probably quite drunk. But he wanted to get into trouble ;-)
After Vapiano we went to one club in Schanze. Over there Handan and I tried to explain to some British guys what we do in HH and why we only drank water in this club; Alex made friends with a cool DJ and Ales tried to impress two German girls (or whatever they talked about).

We also went to Blankenesee one weekend. Summer weather! Check the pictures!

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