fredag 1 februari 2008

Finally February!

It's been a while since I wrote anything here...
Did you also have this feeling that January would never end??? I mean I started working on the 6th or 7th Jan so it was actually a shorter month but it really felt like the 40-day-long one. Puffff... now it is over. Finally!!!

The week was crazy at work, and also outside of work. But now it's Friday and the weekend has started. Skönt!
The biggest event this week is that Tania and I bought flight tickets to Corsica for Easter season! We would leave some days before Easter and I'm really looking forward to this trip!!! It is gonna be fun! Beautiful nature and hopefully nice weather. Great company is already fixed!

Magnus gave some tip about upcoming concerts in Hamburg: Jens Lekman in March (too bad I cannot go - this weekend I'll go skiing to Czech Rep.) and MONEYBROTHER! Yuppi!!! They are coming here again (Handan and I went to their concert in October last year). We will try to convince some friends to come along. Jenny (another Swedish girl at our company is interested). It's gonna be fun!

Since next week is "Fettisdagen" I've decided to make "semlor". I forgot to eat some "paczki" yesterday (donuts) but semlor are much more tasty. Yummi! The Swedish connection from work is supposed to come and enjoy this good stuff.

Have a good weekend!

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