söndag 20 januari 2008

New Year 2008

There will be some stories and pictures from Xmas time and New Year's eve party but I'm still waiting for DVD with them. After Poland I went to Göteborg to celebrate Orthodox New Year (well, not really since this year Tania didn't search so much for her roots) but we had a nice dinner at Tania's place with Marita and Torbjörn who came from Jönköping. It was a really nice weekend at home but as usual too short.... (thanks to SAS I had to fly earlier on Sunday since they cancel many flights).

The first weekend after coming back to HH we went indoor skiing to Snowdome - 60 km from HH. I went with some VEVA guys (work) and although the hill was really small, we had fun! It took max 2 min to go down and about 10-15 min to wait for the lift. But it was good to get some skiing mood and we decided maybe to go skiing to Czech in 1 month. For a longer weekend. We'll see...

Anyway, here are some pics from the Snowdome. With the Alps in the background :-)

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