tisdag 15 januari 2008

Situations and people in Romania

The largest danger in Romania is probably traffic and driving a car. Many people drive like crazy so the first days of driving Dacia to work was a challenge. Another big danger is that if people are not going to change their attitude to throwing garbage, scrap, plastic bottles, etc, all over (especially in the nature) this country will suffer an environmental catastrophy. It is a pity that if you go out and try to enjoy the nature, you can see wastes around. Even quite high up in the mountains.
But I think this will change. It just has to. People have to learn to respect the nature.
Otherwise people I met are really nice, friendly and helpful. Hospitality is something they can be proud of.
During my 6 months in Brasov, I spent a lot of time with Kristin (and Kico and Kosmos - see the picture). It wouldn't be the same without Kristin over there. Thank you for all the moments, our complaints, weak times and great times, good laughs, "att bitcha loss i Dacian", trips and picnics, being turist guides to 2 Italians (after being in BV for 1 week), skiing, hiking, eating burned fat from the fire, Bucharest trip, Donau Delta trip (here thanks also to Alex and Christer!), really nice dinners, lunches at work, partying, drinking palinka, karaoke in the taxi (tack till alla svenskar i den taxin från Poiana till stan!), Sibiu trip (thanks to Alex as well!), swimming pool, having pizza and beer at the great pizza places, salmon + spinach + Moldavian Chardonnay at Casa Hirscher, Midsommar, etc. These are only a few of those moments we shared. TACK för allt! Det var grymt!

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