måndag 31 mars 2008

Spring weekend

Finally some spring feeling!! Yesterday it was the first real spring day; warm and sunny and really realy nice! On Friday Handan and I went for a beer with 2 colleagues from our German course; one from Romania and one from Estonia. We had nice discussion about how it is to move and work in other countries and how different we are met in different situations, different companies and countries. Handan and I tried to "sell" Sweden as a good place to live in.
Saturday evening Cyril (the French friend from our company) celebrated his birthday in a rented bar in Altona. He knows many international people, and our "dream team" from work also contribued with some nationalities so it was a nice mix.
I somehow ended up close to the laptop with music, and have been announced a qualified DJ ;-)
Here you can see some of the purjolök pie and chocolate cake that Cyril made. Yummi!
We made a common present for Cyril: many different kind of cheese, a bottle of good wine, Hamburg T-shirt and Jennifer made a calender. Very nice! Cyril was happy!

We had fun as well!

Sunday was a really relaxing day. Fika with Handan and sitting in the sun. Also cleaning my apartment, trying to fix network connection for Alex (via phone), making some order in the closet in the hall (I managed!).
A new week has started and tomorrow is the 1st April. Wow...time is just flying by....

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