söndag 6 april 2008

April weather

Does any of you think that we will get any spring this year??? I had good hopes last weekend but then it was really cold, snowing, raining, hail for the whole week...Today we had some sun, mostly in the evening. Oh well, hopefully it will get better soon and I can finally put my jacket, boots and gloves into closets. The weekend passed by really fast (as usual). Yesterday Monica, Handan and I went to Guillem's & Sveta's place to celebrate their daughter's 1 year. We had fika with some chocolate cake. It was the 1st time I've been to their place (after almost 1 year...no comment ;-). Then Handan and I went downtown; I finally found some curtains to the living room but I'm too short to reach to the metal string to take down the present "curtain". So now I have one new and one old. Very unique ;-)
We wanted to go to the movie theater but guess what??? One of the two movie theaters that show the original (e.g. English) speaking movies, got closed!!! This is insane!!! So now there is only one place and they don't have any good movies now..Grrr!! Why cannot Germans show the movies in the original language?!?! I wonder if they ever quit dubbing...
On Sunday I cleaned the apartment, then met Miguel and some friends for fika/lunch. Miguel wanted to see F1. Kubica got the 3rd place! (not that I'm into Formula 1...).
Then I did some gymnastics for my back and the day is almost gone...I'm not looking forward to have Monday :-( But the good thing is that Alex is coming on Tuesday!
Have a good week everybody!

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