måndag 10 mars 2008

Weekend home

On Friday evening I flew home to Göteborg. Landed late but the trip went amazingly smoothly and without problems. Hami picked up Handan and me so i was at Tania's place half an hour after I landed. Saturday I went to Majorna, checked my post at my "sambo"'s place, got a letter back from Migrationsverket (I'm not gonna write here anything about it....too annoying). Afterwards Tania and I met with the Willquist's and had a very nice fika. Ååååhhhh...so nice to be at home!! Theo is a big boy now! After fika Tania and I went little bit shopping. Not so dangerous ;-) We didn't have so much time cause we were supposed to go to Fredrik's (Komannen) surprise party. The party was great (there will be some pics eventually..), it was cool to meet all friends after a long time. We had a very nice dinner, drinks and danced a lot. Well, depending who was trying to be a DJ of course ;-)
On Sunday, the only "MUST" I had was to pick up my laptop at Dan's place. Later on, lunch with Tania and leaving back to Hamburg. As usually, such a weekend was too short!
The trip back wasn't so fantastic. Handan and I had to wait at Kastrup for 2 hours (delayed plane). Thanks to that I bought a new Swatch ;-)
Late at home in Hamburg. Short sleep. Sooooo tried on Monday. Looking forward the coming weekend, this time in HH. Skönt!

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