söndag 24 februari 2008


It has got quite warm the last week. I think spring is coming. Or I hope... So all the winter stuff can go to the closet. But we will see...yesterday it was really warm and quite sunny. I went jogging in the morning. Afterwards Miguel called that they were in the neighborhood so we had lunch together at "Burritos y quesadillas". Txell and Thomas joined us and we had good laugh together. Later on I wanted to bike downtown to look for some new glasses. But when walking with T & T we stopped by one shop with glasses and guess what?!?!? I ordered new ones!! They looked quite cool and quite dark frame. Hope I won't regret buying them when I pick them up on Tuesday. T&T got some sunglasses so everybody was happy :-)
In the evening we went to eat at Zinken in Altona. This is a new favorite place run by students. They learn how to cook and run a restaurant and the concept is really great. The food is good and cheap. We went there with T&T´s friends: Ana and Tino. Then we went to "Blue Bar/House" (my 2nd time there) with great music and too good Caipirihnas.... It was one too much yesterday ;-)
We had much energy and danced a lot! It was fun! Ana took some pictures so hope I can update this blog later on with some of them.
Sunday - a lazy day. Hope I can manage to do some sports in the evening. Quite tough week is ahead. Tuesday - Moneybrother and Eskobar concert. Friday noon we are going skiing to Czech. Well....hopefully we can ski. The conditions seem quite poor but there should be at least some artificial snow. We'll see.

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