onsdag 13 februari 2008

Valentine's day. Alla hjärtansdag. Walentynki.

A new level of the German course has started. Now it is "mittel". Soon I can start writing here in German. NOT!
Anyway, on the picture you can see at least some of the people from the previous course. From the top left: Tamsin (New Zealand; she is continuing the course now), small Gloria (Peru), Victor (Romania), Gert (Estonia), Andre (Brasil). From the left (bottom): Gosia (Poland), Handan and me. Vit (Czech) is missig. Today we've got 4 new guys in the course: 2 from Mexico, 1 Palestinian and 1 Japanese. We are only 4 girls and 8 guys! Wow!

Tomorrow is the Valentine's day. And my dad's birthday - Tati! Wszystkiego najlepszego! 100 lat!!
And I'm flying to Romania in the afternoon. For a longer weekend. It's gonna be great!
Big hug to all of you for the V-day!

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