måndag 18 februari 2008

Double espresso...

I went to Brasov last Thursday. Left work around 15, arrived to Brasov after 01.00. Tough! Anyway, on Friday Alex and I went downtown, walked around, had lunch at Bistro del Arte (although I was sure the place name was Galeria or Piano Bar). Then we went back home, changed and went to Christer's place for a drink, and afterwards to have dinner at Casa Hirscher. It was great to see Christer again! We had some rosé wine (Christer will be leaving Romania soon so he has to empty his cupboards). We talked and laughed and then we went for a dinner. It was good we booked a table earlier! We had a good Moldavian wine (Chardonnay) as usual, good food and afterwards we ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir (Cavarelului if my spelling is right....). But since the red one was too warm, they put the "caraffe" outside. Well it was cold (and snowing like hell) but it was a good idea to chill it down.

Afterwards we decided to go to a pub I've never been to this place earlier. Nice but way too smoky...( I have to tell you that even Germany finally introduced smoking prohibition in public places). Over there we had some more drinks. It was nice!
Little bit hard on Saturday morning but since the weather was nice and sunny Alex and I went for a walk in the forest. It was great: snow and sun and some minus degrees.

You can even see this nice snow angel which I made. Later on we did some grocery shopping and I had to get my coffee at this café in the shopping mall. So I tried with my Romanian and asked for double espresso. I mean, how hard can it be??? Well, it can. I got 2 coffees. I mean espresso turned to be in a size of normal coffee. But since I asked double - I got 2 cups. And Alex doesn't drink coffee :-) I drank almost all of that so you can imagine how speeded up I was afterwards. Oh yeah! With that I had a sugar bomb - a big piece of baklava. Mums!
Anyway, the evening was dinner and some DVD movies. I left on Sunday (super weather for skiing, sun and lots of snow) and it was good that I ordered the taxi earlier. It took us more than 1,5 hr to get to Busteni (normally it takes about 45 min). The reason? - 6 policemen steering the traffic in the town. I can tell you, they only contributed to the huge traffic!!
Back in the apatment in HH at 23. Puh....
Monday, back to the grey sky and 100% humidity. Can't wait for the weekend...

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