måndag 4 februari 2008

Första semlor i mitt liv...

Oj! Just discovered that I'm writing in Swedish... OK, tomorrow is the "semla" day. Fettisdagen. I mean normally, if I were in Sweden, I would have already eaten few of them, but since I'm in Germany I don't have this luxury :-( So I've decided to bake them. And my mom would probably say now: "Even I can have fiasco when making a yeast cake". And that means something... But I decided to give a try. And guess what???? It didn't really work!!!! Grrrr!!! I've just had a Skype discussion with Dan how I can make them grow. Cause after 35 min close to the radiator the dough was still like when I put it in the bowl. So then I decided to put it close to the oven and it grew just a little... And instead of 15 pcs like it should be, I just got 7. As on the picture. Oh well. Tomorrow I will buy some bread rolls (of course without cardammom?? kardemumma alltså) and mix mandelmassa with that. Hope it will be good. Handan, Jenny and Johan (2 other Swedes who work here) are coming tomorrow.
Have a good day everybody and have a good mumsig semla for me.

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