onsdag 3 mars 2010


Last weekend and a bit more I was in Göteborg. Ohhhh sooo nice!
I went already on Thu and worked on Friday from there. On Fri afternoon I met Dan and Leif and we went for a dinner to Tranquilo. I must say that food was nothing special. Service was a bit bitter (OK Dan liked the waitress but that didn't help ;-). We had to leave the table around 19.30 cause it was reserved for someone else.
So after walking around Saluhallen we decided to check out Soho. It was good. Quite empty (downstairs) and not so loud so we could talk. After some wine glasses we got tired (oh yeah, we are not the youngest ones).
Saturday was a "busy" day. First quick breakfast and then off downtown for fika with Christina and Gunilla. It was so much fun to see them again!!! We sat and talked for few hours!! It was soooo nice. Then I went to help Petra and Magnus with unpacking their stuff in the new house.
When I arrived there were still our friends who helped with moving so I even managed to meet "my" dentist Calle ;-) Petra's mom prepared lunch - fish dish with potatoes, mussels, shrimps. Mums!!! And an apple cake with vanille sauce. Mums again!
It was fun to have lunch together and P&M big kitchen table had space for everybody. By the way - the new kitchen is great!
When everybody left, we started unpacking. My responsibility was a sprit cupboard. My God! So much alcohol! And sooooo many wine glasses! Not mentioning Petra's old inherited servis.
When our blood sugar got low we went downtown for dinner. So cool cause we managed to get place in a palestinian restaurant. Leif joined us as well. It almost felt like old, good times :) Good company, nice place, good food and wine. But after dinner we went home.
Sunday was a short round in the city in some shops and then off to the airport. 1 hour delay in Amsterdam though due to strong wind. Oh well. Part of travelling "pleasure" ;-(

Anyway, I want to be back to GBG!!! Hope next year latest!!!

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