söndag 21 februari 2010

Weekend in Gdynia

This weekend was with my parents in Gdynia. On Fri evening we went out for sushi for dinner. Yum!! Then we got some good wines and had a glass at home. Saturday was my health-treatment day: massage which I need to heal my slipped disc. Then we went to my cousin and together with her and her little boy we went out for a dinner. Nice place with some typical Kashubian dishes. Although my pierogi with wild svine meet were a bit too big and heavy ;)
It was a very nice evening.
Today we had a walk in the forest. My parents live 50m from a forest and right now there is like almost 1m of snow all over. Amazing!!! And I though we had snow in HH... this is nothing! The walk was good! It would be great to go cross country skiing although now the snow is a bit too hard and icy...
Then lunch and off to the airport.
1hr delay but it was bearable. The flight lasts 50 min, then the bus from the airport to HH almost 1,5hr..Hmmm..
Tomorrow Monday and the new week. Good it is a short one. Thu evening - Göteborg!

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