onsdag 10 mars 2010

Cozy weekend

On Fri evening Tania arrived to Hamburg (after few years of me nagging she finally came to visit - great opportunity since she was going for some research EU meeting in Munich afterwards). We started preparing dinner - homemade pizza (ok the dough was ready) and in the meantime Alex arrived - with flowers for both of us. Ooooohhh ;)
We had a very nice dinner, with a good wine :)
Saturday, due to my early waking up, I went quickly to the gym, and left two sleeping heads at home. It took me while to walk to the gym since we got a LOT of snow during the night (and imagine that it was already so nice and dry and no snow until Fri night).
Anyway, the day was beautiful with sun and not so cold. So we had breakfast and aferwards went downtown. After some shopping we met Handan and Hamid for fika, and then continued with shopping. Some H&M Sonia Rykiel stuff got home :)
In the evening we went to Marrakesh - in Altona. Some friends joined and it was very very nice. On the way back home I thought I would freeze. Soooo cold!!!

Sunday was again a very nice day so we decided to go a bit to the nature - which means we went to Elbe and had a walk along the river. Short fika on the way, and we showed Tania "Alte Schwede" - a huge rock which was a gift from Swe to Germany. Don't ask me why this present...
You can see the rock behind us on the picture:

Alex left in the evening and Tania and I had a calm Sunday evening.
It was a very nice weekend and more such ones (to all of you who would like to visit - do it!).

Now sitting with the calender and doing planning for the upcoming weekends.