måndag 30 november 2009

The end of November

Yesterday was the 1st Sunday of Advent. I cannot believe that it is only 3.5 weeks until Xmas!!! Last year I had holidays already from ca 10th Dec... Time is just flying pass so fast!!
Anyway, this weekend I was in Göteborg. It was as ususal very nice and cosy (do you spell it with "s" or "z" - I always mixed it). A bit of shopping, fika, brunch (I just love Le Petit Café in Haga!!!), meeting friends. A dinner at a new place called Familjen. Fish was really nice!
I had an obligatory kanelbulle and also had one lussekatt. Mums!!! I got some inspiration to bake them here. Although I think there are some problems with certain ingredients...
I also managed to meet Kristin (who was on the way back from her weekend in Amsterdam) at Schipol!!! Soooo cool to see her again!!!
This week seems to be quite cold. Or probably normal actually for December. It is just that I got used to those +9C for a while now ;-)
I guess there will be some going out to Xmas markets soon. I miss glögg but I guess German gluhwein will have to do. Wanted to buy some glögg at the airport but got to know that it is not allowed to buy alcohol within the EU!!! What?!?! Since when??? I need to get updated about those regulations I guess...

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