torsdag 5 november 2009

Halloween party and November

Last weekend we had a Halloween party at Dennis' and Aga's place. Originally the plan was to get together and help them getting rid of alcohol which they had since wedding and what Miguel left there.
Then we proposed a dress up party since it was Halloween!
I wanted to be Pippi Långstrump but I couldn't find a wig (ok I didn't even have time to look for one) and then I got panick so it ended up with what you see on the pictures. That is half witch - the eye got stuck on a wrong spot first so you can hardly see it maybe..
People were really cool dressed!
And it was so much fun!!

Then the rest of the weekend was calm and quite relaxing.
Alex left to Hungary on Sunday - to work there for some while.
The whole week now it has been a typical November weather. Usch!! Rain and cold and windy. Crap!

But next week I get to travel with work to Istanbul!!

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