söndag 6 december 2009


The 2nd Sunday in Advent and I still haven't found my Xmas candle holder... It has disappeared!! Or rather I think Alex brought it once down to the cellar but I cannot find it!!! Oh well... next week hopefully.
Since I was in GBG last weekend I wanted desparately to bake lussebullar - saffran buns which are absolutely yummi!!! So yesterday, Handan and I did it! Normally I find baking any bread, cakes etc which have to have yeast in, a huge challenge. Cause the dough never really grew. But this time I succeeded!!! Whoohoo! They are great! One thing is though that they didn't become as yellow as they should. I probably should have listed to Handan and somehow crushed or put saffran into warm water first. But they taste great! I'm so so happy!

Before baking we went a bit around shops in Eppendorf. It was raining and windy - such crappy weather!!

Only 2 weeks of work and I have holidays! Hope it will go fast. Although - a new year, one year older K. Oh well.. ;-)

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