torsdag 28 maj 2009

I love May!!

Why? Cause there are so many days off! ;-) Last weekend we had 4 days off and I went to Göteborg already on Wed noon. OK, first I went to visit my homeplant in Vårgårda and eventually I was in GBG around 6 PM but still...
It was really nice to spend so many days over there. I managed to meet all friends, walk around the city and just enjoy it.
Quite lucky with the weather as well. It only rained a bit twice!
On Thu I went with Tania and Petra to Botaniska (together with many other people) - beautiful to see all trees, bushes and flowers blooming!
Here a Mummin from flowers for you:

After the walk, Tania and I decided to make a dinner with dessert - she made a rhubarb (?) pie. Yummi!!!!! However, visually it wasn't really like it should be:

In the evening we went to the movies and saw a French movie made in the West coast in Sweden!!! The movie wasn't soooo great but the pictures and landscape definitely!

Friday I managed to have fika with Calle, then some shopping and then dinner with Dan and Leif. Nice! On Saturday I also managed to meet Jenny and later on we had grill at Dan's place. Good to be with friends!!

This weekend is again a long one - Monday is off!!! Miguel came from Mexico due to some issues at work and it is great to have him here. Hopefully there will be some going-out activity during the weekend. Looking forward!

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