söndag 7 juni 2009

Last weekend - summer! this weekend - fall...

Last weekend it was a long one - we had Monday off. The weather was amazing! On Mon it was around 27 degrees so we got a bit of sun tan.
We also grilled at Alster. It was so windy though that the whole grilling took like 10 minutes :-)
Here some evidence:

Later during the week I went to our plant in Poland. It was a good trip although staying in that little village wasn't so exciting after work...

This weekend we didn't do so much. IKEA on the Swedish National Day (coincidence!) and DVD evening with Handan and Hamid. Also brunch with some friends on Sunday.
I made asparagus risotto tonight. Just imagine that 3/4 of the ingredients were missing or wrong! But it turned out quite good anyway ;-)
Tomorrow Monday - again...

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