söndag 18 januari 2009

Phenomenon in Eimsbuttel

There is a bakery/cafe/boulangerie in Eimsbuttel which is a real phenomenon. It's "Kleine Konditorei" (http://www.kleine-konditorei.com) - there is one of them on Osterstrasse, 5 min walk from my place, and another, smaller one closer to my previous place. It is one of the most popular places for fika with my friends. And sometimes even for breakfasts. The amazing thing is that this place is ALWAYS full of people! I mean Germans love sweets, cookies and Brötchen and Kuchen etc but there are actually quite many bakeries at Osterstr. and around Eimsbuttel. But whenever you go to "Kleine" there is always a line to buy stuff and also people having fika inside. I still wonder how the other places can handle this competition.
Anyway, "Kleine" has great bread and Brötchen and pastry. Mums!!!! The only drawback is that their coffee is not so good (strong) but maybe I can ask them once to improve it ;-)

Yesterday (Sat.) I met with Monica and we went for a little shopping, then we visited Sveta and Guillem and we stayed there 6 hours or so!! Wow! It was a nice afternoon/evening, we ate twice (once when we came, then later on in the evening), had a good Rioja, played with Nadia, saw a lot of pictures, etc.

Today I had plans to wash my car, but guess what??? I started raining a lot so the cleaning activity has to wait until the next weekend... I hope I can see anything through the windshields ;-)

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