måndag 5 januari 2009

Happy New Year!!! and a short update

Wish all of you all the best in the New Year!!! Hope it will be a good one with successes, fun and prosperity.

I'm back to HH after adventures. Despite no plans for my holidays exactly 1 month ago, this period turned to be great!
As I wrote last time, Filip and I went to Egypt.
Here are some pictures from that trip:

Our hotel (you cannot see the swimming pool but it was down there)

From the boat on a snorkling trip. Check out the name of the island - PARADISE! And there is only one palm tree.... Oh well...

Filip at the second snorkling spot (I was too cold at that time)

Our boat and the driver

Returning to Hurghada

Hurghada shopping mall. Amazing entrance with two Santas dancing to some Arab music. You could buy anything in there...

Filip and I in the new downtown of Hurghada

Our "survival" kit. Thanks to that bottle we never got any problems with stomachs.

We spent Christmas traditionally at my grandmom's place. It was nice to be there, we managed also to have one water pipe evening which turned out to be quite funny. Anyway I will put some pictures later on (they are on Alex' computer so far).

On the 27th Alex and I drove to Berlin to take off to Malaga. We spent 1 week in Marbella (thanks to Ralph we stayed at his place). The weather wasn't like in Egypt but it was also nice. We visited Sevilla, almost Gibraltar (guess who forgot the passport??? and why the Great Britain doesn't accept Swedish ID (driver's license that is)??), a beautiful Tarifa (bottoms up for that one, after the bitter mood after Gibraltar), Malaga, Marbella, Ronda. Good food, good wines, good company and an amazing weather on the 1st Jan!!!
Again you will have to wait for pictures though.
We had a little bit of problems when we got back to Berlin - Alex car didn't start so we had to rent a car and arrived to HH at 03.30 on Sat night...So Alex got a new battery and went to Berlin today and managed to start the car!! Puh...

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Życie jest jak pudełko czekoladek … sa...

hohohoh , when i look at those pics i feel goooooood. we have -18 degrees now down in our village. so you can imagine how i feel looking at your pictures KARA. MISS YA! M