måndag 22 december 2008

Jalla Jalla.... and Merry Christmas

The trip to Egypt was great!! Well...ok, it was good. Nice, sun, warm, the sea, relaxing time. A bit short - 4,5 days but still worth it. Filip and I went to Hurghada. The town itself is not so exciting (there are kind of two downtowns - an old one with many shops, mess, dirt, huge traffic, people draging you into the shops. And the new one - fancy, clean, fresh, quiet, cool). Our hotel was kind of in between those two areas. Close to a small beach (pictures later). The majority of tourists in our hotel were Russians. Amazing - almost each Egyptian guy spoke Russian fluently!
We went on one boat trip to Giftun Island and then snorkling - beautiful!!!! I got a bit stuck in a coral reef but managed to get out of there. A bit scary though...
What more? Talking to some locals, playing beach volley, swimming, reading books.
Too bad the trip was so short. I promise to add some pictures after Xmas.

Yesterday we came to Gdynia. And tomorrow going to grandmom's place.
I wish all of you very Merry Christmas, relaxing time with your families and loved ones. Also party wild on New Year's Eve ;-)
And hope the new year 2009 will be good, prosperous, and full of new exciting challenges and adventures.

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