söndag 2 november 2008

I-lands problem...as it is called in Swedish

Why so? (in Swedish it is Industrialized-countries problem). Well last week at work we got to know that we have to use all our holidays until the end of this year... Due to cancelled orders from our customers (car manufacturers) we need some savings. Plus if there are no orders - there is no work for us. So now I have a "problem" since I'm off from work on the 6th of Dec already!!!! I mean it is nice with holidays, don't get me wrong, but would be better to have some plans. If I had known about it earlier, I would have bought a ticket to Mexico, Argentina or whatever - for almost the whole month! But now it is a bit too late. So I'm asking around some friends and maybe Dan and I will go to Egypt. If we manage to find some cheap last minute trip. Anybody else who would like to join?
Then back to Hamburg, then Poland, Xmas, and then Marbella. Should be nice!

All Saints weekend has been quite calm and quiet. Alex arrived on Friday - he came by car cause he was supposed to change the tyres - for the winter ones. On Saturday he went with Sandra and Hans downtown to get some electrinic gadgets (GPS and some presents for his dad), while I went to gym. Then we met in the city for fika. In the afternoon Alex started to change my tyres first. Everything went fine until....the 4th wheel, which just had some different nut and couldn't be unscrewed! So now I have 3 winter tyres and one summer one left. So I guess I have to go to some car workshop on Tuesday or so. Puh!
A neighbor of ours was also changing the tyres yesterday so it looked like "winter-tyre-picknick" ;-) Except the weather wasn't so nice...

This morning Alex started to change his tyres...and guess what? The rims don't fit in!! :-( So he has to look for some other ones and try to change them with someone in Stuttgart. Crap! Anyway, I managed to take a photo of (what I thought) him changing the tyres.

So now he left to Stuttgart.
Next week is Göteborg for me :-)

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