söndag 26 oktober 2008

First complete weekend at home

On Friday we went to the movie theatre. To Abaton - one of the few original language cinemas in Hamburg, which are left. Alex and Hans and Sandra met earlier on Friday (guess who's got his new laptop - to know more check out Sandra's blog: http://www.millischeckl.com/).

They bought the tickets for Coen's new movie "Burn after reading". The movie was great!!! Later on we went for a drink to a bar (which was bar and hair dresser in one) and we got kicked out at 22.00! :-( Well, it's a hair saloon, right?
So we went further to "Elbe" near Handan's place. And got new Cuba Libres.
Saturday started with some gym, Alex's ironing session, groceries' shopping, fika with some friends, cake baking - for a dinner at Handan's.
Here you can see the whole group (Alex took picture).

Pedro came from Wolfsburg and stayed at our place. It was nice to see hime again. The weaher was sooooo great on Saturday!
In the evening we went for a dinner to Handan. It was nice!
Today the weather is crap. Raining, grey, bläh. Alex left to Stuttgart and Pedro back to Wolfsburg.

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