måndag 3 november 2008

Some reflections...

I just feel like I have to write about it. Already now in the beginning I have to say to all my Germans friends that I don't mean anything bad, and hope you won't get me wrong. It is just some observations that one (I) makes while living in a foreign country. And I bet I would make this kind of observations anywhere I would live.
So there is the thing: this is not the first time that I see how unflexible and short-sighted German people are (I mean NOT all of them! I don't want to generalize here). I just got back home from the gym (I will write some stories about this gym some other time - the topic for one complete blog, I'm telling you). And while stepping there on this cardio machine (which I most of the time do), I look at people around. And since around 19-20 o'clock this place is usually full, some people have to stand at the wall or walk around the place to get a free machine. So I see one girl who is waiting, and another one who comes some minutes after her. And the machine next to me gets free. So the girl number 2 who walked around saw this free machine (and I swear she had no clue that there was this girl number 1 in line) and she approached it at the same time as the girl 1 did it (with an angry face expression). So girl 1 tells girl 2 that she was waiting longer. OK, fine, girl 2 makes no issues and looks for something else.
Girl 1 gets on the machine, and starts to plug in her headset. Which apparently doesn't work! (I mean the connection in the machine doesn't work). So what she does is that she gets down and starts looking for some other machine...
My God!!! How about next time trying first your headset (without making fuzz that I was the 1 st one in the line) and in case it doesn't work, letting the other person use the machine??!?!?!
This is so typical! There is the "rule" first goes first. But there is absolutely no flexibility and no proactiveness to take this rule somehow softer!
It is just one example of the kind of behavior that I also observed at work. We have rules and we have to obey them but how about sometimes making life easier (I'm not talking about breaking serious rules), just be a bit human and proactive and FLEXIBLE! Life will be easier, I swear.
A similar behavior can sometimes be on a highway. Some guys driving like crazy, flashing you with the long (full) lights, overtaking and in 1 minute breaking since there are other 5 cars on the left lane. Get a break!! ave a look first on the situation ahead instead of stresing everybody.
Puh! OK, I just had to le it out from me...
Again, please don't take it as an offending issue. I get angry at stuff in Poland or Sweden, or Romania for that matter... But since now I'm here I'm just sharing the experiences.

Otherwise, grey and 100% moisture (=light rain). Bläh!
But at least now I got the complete set of winter tyres.

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Anonym sa...

What could possibly annoy you in Sweden???

Anonym sa...

Ojojoj! A lot! ;-) Noo....not that much actually (or I forgot it while not living there for a while now...). One thing - some young people not giving away a seat in a bus or train to the elderly ones. A bit of respect would be good.