tisdag 25 november 2008

Crisis, winter, ages ago...

Sorry for not updating you with the stuff from here. But the thing is that my 1 year old MacBook died!!!! More than 2 weeks ago it just froze, some strange noise was coming from the loudspeaker (I swear it sounded like there were crickets inside) and then everything got blue. That's it. So after trying all possible options to get the laptop alive, I gave up and went to Mac store (or a store which sells Apple things). And then the problem started...Those guys never had such a case! They told me that the hard disk crashed (I'm lucky with the warranty). And now they laptio has been there for ca 10 days and my data is still being transferred from the crashed disk to some device in order to ne then transferred to the new HD. This is insane!!! Takes ages!!!

Beside the laptop problem, in the meantime I went to Poland to celebrate my grandmom's birthday. Filip came to HH and we flew together. Last Friday. We were supposed to pick up Alex from the airport in Poznan but his plane from Stuttgart never took off... There were no other flights to Poznan and the earliest he could arrive would be Saturday at 6PM...Great!!! So poor him, he had to stay in Niefern.
Grandmom was quite surprised to see us (we managed to tease her a bit that we wouldn't come). There were many relatives whom I have never met before so it was quite funny. Especially when we tried to figure out who was who. At the end I drew the Family Tree or rather a graph with all of them and other relatives so we all know in the future who is who :-)

It was really cold in Poland and snowing quite much. Usch! Winter is here... Now it is just few months and we have spring ;-)

Now I just have less than 2 weeks left at work and then I'm on holidays. Due to the car industry crisis, we have to use all our holidays until the end of the year. Too bad I don't really have plans for December. Filip, Dan and I are thinking of some trip to a warm country, or maybe Filip and I will go skiing. But it is all "maybe"..

This crisis is some kind of paranoia. But hopefully we will all survive. Somehow.

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