söndag 19 oktober 2008

Weekend in Berlin

On Friday evening I went to Berlin. During the train journey I got some sms from Magda saying that Filip is stuck in STAU 50 km from Berlin, and Alex' plane got redirected and he is stuck in Amsterdam. What?! I somehow felt it was a joke... (and it was that!). Anyway, I met with Magda and Sebi at the central station, then taxi and we went to the apartment which we rented. Of course Filip and Alex were already there, with some beers :-)
That's the view from our apartment:

Around 22.00 we got hungry so we went out to have a look around Potsdamer Plats and our street - Charlottenstr. We found some "diner" and got some food. Then back to the apartment and get some sleep to be fresh for Saturday.
On Sat. first we had some breakfast near our place. Then we decided to take the double decker tourist bus around Berlin.

We started at Checkpoint Charlie and got off at Brandenburger Tor.

The day was beautiful and warm. From the Tor we went to the Jewish memorial place. Although it is a memorial place and one should be serious and respectful, you cannot help hiding behind the stones in this "labirynth" and scaring each other...
I really like this place. I mean as a memorial and architecture-interesting place.

Then we went went back to the bus and got off at Kurfurstendamm. We walked on the shopping street and had some tapas in KaDeWe.
Then headed to the apartment, bought some wines and food for breakfast.
At night we had dinner at Vapiano (which I must say is not as good as here in Hamburg). We were close to Sony Centrum with all "spacy" buildings and we finished the evening with some drinks (they had a rasberry mojito!).

Sunday we didn't do much. Coffee, walk around our quarter, then walked to Hauptbanhof were we all splitted into different directions.
Thank you guys for the weekend! It was nice!!!

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