måndag 8 september 2008

And the pictures from our bachelorette party

As I promised there would be some pictures from our picnic on Sunday. We surprised Agnieszka at home, gave her a little present and then went by S-bahn to Rissen. We found a beautiful spot at a small lake. We had lunch over there, with 2 bottles of wine. And Melody's peanutbutter cake in a form of.....tja...well, something which belongs to guys ;-)
After the lunch we biked further to "wild" animal park where we said hi to wild pigs, deers, some birds, etc. It was a really nice and relaxing day and Agnieszka seemed to be happy.

The happy trio (Handan, Monica and Sandra) waiting for Agnieszka in front of the house.

Agnieszka and a deer:

And the happy bunch:

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