fredag 25 februari 2011

Waiting for spring

March is in few days. That means spring is coming. Hopefully. I mean it hasn't been so bad - sunny pretty much for the whole week but so damn cold!!! Arctic air.
Today finally some plus degrees.
Last week I was almost the whole week in Istanbul. Some days of work and then Friday off and spending Fri and Sat with Filip. Friday we had sun and +17C!!!! Sooooo nice!

See yourselves - water front 500m from Filip's place:

We had really fun. On Thu evening we went to hamam. Love it!
Friday there was a dinner out with a Spanish connection, then some beers in one club. Nice but we got home at 05.30 so Sat was a bit sloooow.
Anyway, first we had some kind of brunch:

Then off to the European side. Since I have already seen most of the "musts" we just took it easy. Walked a lot. My God! - we were walking for over 1 hr to get some kumpir!!!
We stopped often to have Cay. Chilled out. Discovered many small and cozy streets. This city is amazing!

I was leaving very early on Sunday - got up 0445! So the whole day (again) I was tired. But at least had pretty much the whole day at home. Alex arrived 4 hours after me - from Sthlm. He had -20C and snow... Then in the evening a colleague from Romania came home for a beer. Nice.

Work wise it is ok. Although the international gang is getting smaller again :( Oh well, part of the expat life... The negative part.

Next week - a trip to Sweden.

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