måndag 31 januari 2011


It is not really cold outside. I just got cold... Was away quite much with work - first Sweden, then the week after Romania. Got back to the office full of coughing and sneezing people and got cold. Or flue. Bläh.
It feels weird to have one day of work. Hope tomorrow will be better so I can go to work.
Nothing else happens really. GBG was nice, then I had a leadership training for 2 days (part1). Looking forward part 2 and 3 :)
Romania - this time Lugoj. Small town. Nice plant. Cushions - so totally different from everyday seatbelts.

January has passed with warmer temperatures than Dec. And almost no snow...
Well, in the beginning of Jan it was quite bad. I even got into a car accident - I mean a truck tried to change the lane and hit my car. Bleee! Now we are still in discussions with their insurance company about the cost of repair and all of that. Neverending story ;) But hopefully it will be solved soon so my Beetle can be fixed.

Otherwise things are fine. Focusing more and more on going back to Swe.

Oh yeah - last night I baked filmjölksbröd - a bread with the special kind of yougurt-milk (Swedish thing). I had to improvise to make the "filmjölk", and also didn't have the right bread baking form but I succeeded :) Mums!

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