lördag 4 december 2010


Yes, winter arrived early this year. When I went to pick up my winter clothes from the cellar it felt so weird - I had a feeling that I just placed them in there! (which is sort of true since I left them in the cellar in April or so..). Anyway, so we have winter again. It snowed quite much in HH the past days. But now it is supposed to get a bit warmer - whatever that means ;-)

Xmas fever has also started. I gave a try with Xmas gift shopping but didn't succeed really. It shouldn't be so difficult to get 1 present (in my family we draw lots so actually each person gets a present for only 1 person), but since Alex won't be with us this year I also have to get a present from his side. On top of that there are some kids in the family so actually there is no "one-gift-project"... Oh well. I will be still in Sweden next week so I hope I can find nice presents there.
Otherwise...don't know - airports? ;-)

I have only 4 days left at work here in HH :-/ Next week 3 days + weekend in Göteborg. Then 2 days in HH and 3 days in Tallinn with work. Then flying to Gdynia.
Xmas as usually at my grandmom's place, and then flying to Romania to spend rest of my holidays with Alex.

Well now it is time to join some friends at Xmas market in Altona. Some gluhwein to warm up will be nice :)

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