söndag 21 november 2010


Last week of Nov will start. My God! Time is passing by so fast! On the other hand, those months are not so exciting so maybe better they finish quickly ;-)
Eternal greyness is here. Mixed with full darkness, 100% moisture (that is rain). Misery! Candles at home are helping a bit :)
During the week I was 3 days in Brasov. We had 20C and sun (OK, those temperatures are not normal for this season) but it was soooo nice! Felt like late summer or early fall. Of course Romanians love to have it warm indoors so radiators were on! I thought I would faint in the hotel room but managed to cool down a room a bit.
Every time I go to Romania, I discover new stuff ;) This time I got really positively surprised by driving culture. Something is maybe changing over there. I mean people don't drive so crazy, and there was quite ok culture on the roads. Of course there were some stupid people as well but only few. And the new road between Bucharest and Brasov is also nice! (around "plotesti") ;-)
Can't wait for indoor smoking prohibition in public places...
Anyway, it feels always nice to go to BV :-)

I got back, only 2 days of work here, and the weekend. Met with Monica and we went to the Arandas to see the new baby girl. Cute!
I also managed to find some of my (and Alex') winter clothes in the cellar. Good to be prepared!

The coming week - a short business trip to France, so again a shorter week here. Then just 2 weekend in HH and off to Göteborg! Can't wait! I was "forced" to take out all my holidays before the end of the year so it's gonna be almost 5 days in GBG :) Then just 1 week at work and off for Xmas holidays. Nice! But there will be quite much pressure at work before that...
Xmas as usually with the family. Our traditional drawing lots who is getting a present for whom has taken place. Puh not easy! ;-) After Xmas - flying to Romania for new year's eve.

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