söndag 26 september 2010


Such a long break in updating this blog... Many reasons - mainly I think being lazy, but also not so much happened since my vacations. Work work work. Fall has arrived earlier than anybody expected. It starts to be dark when you get up, and also around 19.30. I don't want it! I know - each year the same story. But I didn't get enough of summer!!!! Actually it feels that summer was sort of 5 months ago. So weird!
Anyway, what happened since last time - Alex came back home. Now focus is on finding a job in Sweden. On top of that he has a broken sternum (chest bone) so he has to take it easy for 5 more weeks.
I don't have anything broken ;)
The weather doesn't really help my bones though... (Karolina, 68 years old ;-)

Last weekend we had a late birthday celebration (Alex). It was fun! Although so much alcohol is left that I think we need a new party at home. Maybe Halloween? ;)

This weekend my parents and Filip came to visit. So nice! We had an obligatory shopping round downtown. Shopping project was successful for everybody but me. How hard can it be to find a pair of shoes?!?! ;) In the evening we had a dinner in a very nice restaurant at Fischmarkt (Kasematten) http://www.river-kasematten.de/. Fish was perfect! A plan to go out later on was not really an option since Filip's plane was quite early today.
The eternal greyness on Sunday has been awful! Rain rain rain. Blä!

A new week is coming. Hope it will be a good one. I cannot believe that we almost have October. Scary!

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