fredag 20 augusti 2010

After holidays

So - 3 weeks in total and now back to the reality. Well, sort of back - still haven't got a real kick for work ;)
5 days in Göteborg were so nice. When I arrived on Saturday - there was a heavy rain downtown, however in Åkered where Petra and Magnus live - sun and amazingly warm! So we even went to swim! Later on a grill and nice evening sitting outside in the garden.
Sunday - rain rain rain. We went to town since Petra promised Theo to get a ride on the "GBG-wheel". So we did it.

Then one of the biggest events during this stay was that Petra and Magnus got a little baby girl (while I was staying at their place!). Big congrats to the proud parents!!

I spent some time with Tania and Dan and we had also a nice dinner at "Hos Pelle" with Fredrik and Ylva.

It feels (as usually) great to be home. I think it's time to be back :)

After GBG, back to HH, laundry and repacking the suitcase. Off to Malaga together with Monica to visit Handan and Hamid.
Now we are talking real vacations!
It was warm and sunny and totally relaxing.

We ate good food (mainly seafood), drank good wine, swam a lot in the sea, played beachvolley, read books, yeah - total relax!
Also lots of talking about Iran, politics, religion and life. God! Sometimes we were so serious ;)

At the pool:

A view from the terrace:

Dinner on the terrace:

From the beach:

Handan and Hamid's place is cozy and nice. Next time we have to stay longer.

Today Alex is coming back to HH. Tomorrow I guess IKEA visit - we need another wardrobe to get place with all our clothes. Oh well...

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