söndag 3 oktober 2010


October is here. What happened to September?! ;)
In the week I had to do my car's service. So the mechanic guy showed me what has to be replaced and fixed: shock absorbers (they broke when he wanted to change them!), brake pads and discs were the major highlights. I assumed the price would be around 600EUR. It ended up at a bit over 1000EUR!!!!!! OMG!! So freaking expensive!!! So now I seriously consider getting rid of the car...OK, I didn't have to give it to VW/Skoda workshop but generally it is super expensive to own a car.

Weekend is almost over. Why?????
Today we went hiking in Harburger Berge. At least some nice nature and a bit of a hill :)
I expected more wild trails but we tried to go off from the main hiking "roads" or riding paths. It felt so good to have my hiking boots again!
It smelled mushrooms in the woods but we didn't find any good ones...

This week there will be some action at work, also a trip to France. And next weekend we will go to Robyn's concert on Sunday! Yuppi!!

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