lördag 5 juni 2010


So...only one blog in May... But that's what happens when you are away for 3 weekends in a row. After GBG, it was turn for Budapest. 24th May was a day off so I had a long weekend in BUD. It was 26C and sun - so different than the weather in HH. We walked in the city, went to Margaret's island - on Danube. Man made island - probably a popular place for Party's people during communist times. Now a sort of recreational place, with a track for running - ca 5 km long. Tennis courts, swimming pools, quite ok. We also went around the Parliament building and did some shopping downtown.

The weekend after was Sthlm and Kristin's and Kicos wedding. We stayed in a flat in Solna - arranged by Christer's sister. Alex arrived late on Fri. On Sat we went a bit around Gamla Stan and had a lunch downtown. Then quickly shower and change and went to the church. On the way there it started raining. Crap. But then during the party it got better so the night was nice. The party was really nice, with many beautiful speaches, a great atmosphere and a perfect band playing good songs. Nice!!! And my new heels were also good and didn't cause many problems ;-)
Sunday was a bit tough. Alex had to leave already at 5 AM to the airport. He landed in BUD by the time, I left to downtown Sthlm. A bit of shopping and lunch and then plane to Poland for a workshop. The week was a bit tough, and also the weather in Wroclaw sucked. Rain and 11C :-(

Now it's a great weekend in HH. Summer is here! At least for now :)
We just had a nice BBQ in the park.
Only 1 month and I have holidays!!

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PocoLoco sa...

Så roligt att läsa dina berättelser. Du far runt hela tiden. Kul att du och Alex håller ihop fortfarande. Så glad för er, hoppas ni flyttar till Sverige snart. Nyss hemkommen från Andra långgatan-fesitval :-). Hälsa Kristin och gratta henne.
Hoppas vi syns snart. Kram Dan

Karo sa...

Hur var 2:a långgatan-festival då?? Såg bilder på GP. Tack för fina ord! Klart vi flyttar till Sve snart! Alltså nästa år men det är ju snart! KRAM