söndag 13 juni 2010

Football fever

So, it has started. World Championship in Football. Strange - it is my 2nd one in Germany. I was here for 6 months in 2006 and so I am here now...
Things that got changed - there are German flags all over; cars have 2 or 4 flags plus ome of them have "socks" on the car mirrors - looking as flags. OMG!
On top of that - there is those "trumpet" sounds all over and some kind of fireworks applied already now - at the first game for Germany. I don't know what's gonna happen in case they win... But maybe not my problem - maybe I'll be on holidays by then :)

The past week was very warm and humid. It was hard to breathe ;) But this weekend was a bit cool and cloudy. Alex came on Fri evening and yesterday we celebrated Monica's birthday. First a dinner at a new (for us) Italian restaurant in Altona (Cuore Mio), then some cuba libres in a bar while watching USA - England. We supported the US (for Dennis who was with us), actually England didn't really perform.
Today it was a lazy day...

The week hopefully will pass fast. On Fri - flight to Gdansk. Cool cause Filip will also come.

And then 3 weeks more and holidays! Can't wait!

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