onsdag 3 februari 2010

Winter winter.... #4??

The most common topic of conversations nowadays: WINTER.
This year I think winter will finish in April. Anybody taking bets?
And I'm sooooo tired of it! Don't get me wrong - I love snow but in the mountains. While skiing. Not in a big city, snowing, melting, snowing, freezing, ice skating on sidewalks and streets, breaking legs, bike, sliding car, "blask" etc etc.
Anyway, on Sunday Handan, Hamid and I were brave and walked to Alster (in half melting, half freezing conditions). The weather was bad but it was good to get some fresh air.
Alster - man-made lake - pride of all Hamburgers - was totally frozen so there were thousands people walking around.

After the walk, we had fika somewhere nearby and then had to walk back... I was exhausted when I got home in the evening ;-)

Anyway, the coming week - again trip to Budapest. Hope landing and leaving will go smoother than last time. Meaning - no fog or snow storms. Pleeeeeaaaase!!!