söndag 23 augusti 2009

Weekend in Gdynia

I just got back home after weekend in Gdynia. Alex and I went to visit my parents. Alex went already on Thu afternoon - with a flight from Dortmund. So he had 1 day alone with my parents. They went in the evening to a Mozart concert in Gdansk, walked in Oliwa Park - which is super nice! And then went to Sopot. So they had a nice evening. I arrived on Fri late afternoon. We went home, had dinner, some good wine and chatted the whole evening. Since Alex walked the whole day in full sun and over 30C in Gdansk, he was quite tired at night - so we just stayed at home.
On Saturday I had an idea of going to Hel (nice expression, isn't it? ;-). For those of you who don't know where/what Hel is - a small fisherman town at the end of penninsula - between the Baltic Sea and Gdansk Bay. A really nice place and what is even nicer, is that there are ships and catamarans between Gdynia and Hel in summer time. So we took a bus to downtown Gdynia and we got stuck in a traffic jam due to some road constructions!!!! Then we ran to this boat and guess what??? We missed it with like 2 minutes!!!! Grrrrrr!!!! And the other trips were sold out!!! Turists all over!!! So we stayed in Gdynia, walked around, had some fika at the beach and enjoyed a great weather. Later on we went to help my dad with some stuff at our summer cottage. Geez!!! I haven't been there for like 10 years or so!! It felt so nostaligc.... suddenly I recalled all the great parties over there. Great memories ;-) The evening we spent between watching the World Championship in Athletics and zapping to Sopot Festival. Nice performance of Oceana girl!! Cool music!!
Today Alex flew quite early from Gdansk back to Dortmund. My flight was later in the afternoon and the trip went somehow very smoothly and fast. From door to door 4 hours (incl. the flight, bus from Lubeck airport, subway in HH and walking home). Not bad, huh?
Warm and nice. Still summer in the air. I love it!

2 kommentarer:

PocoLoco sa...

Låter som en trevlig helg. Men inga bilder..... Alla som läser din blog vet vad "fika" är nu eller?

Karolina sa...

Japp. Jag tror att alla vet vad fika innebär. Nä inga bilder för att jag hade inte min kamera med. Kanske ska ta några från Alex senare. Kram